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    Tel:+86 0513-83548038

    Nantong Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group Co., Ltd. The company is located in Nantong city of Jiangsu province, which lies in Yangtze delta being of developed economy and has good title of "the River-Sea Pearl" and "the First Window of Yangtze".

    The company was formerly known as Nantong Diesel Engine Factory, founded in 1958. The company was reformed as a state-owned stock company approved by Organization Reformation Committee of Jiangsu Province in 1993 and then as a nongovernmental-owned stock company in 2003 based on withdrawal of state-owned capital stock. The company was restructured with China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group Co., Ltd. (NGC) in 2010 as a share-controlled enterprise by CHINA TRANSMISSION.

    The company is specialized in manufacturing series 135/138 diesel engines and gas engines with brand names of "FEIJING" and "FULAIWEI". According to cylinder configuration, the engines can be divided into 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-cylinder in-line type and 12-cylinder V-type. The output power of the engines ranges from 25kW to 726kW. The company has developed new products owned with IPR based on having fully absorbed advanced technology from AVL company, which is an authoritative research institute of international internal combustion engine. The products have been ratified as "State Key New Product", "Famous Brand Product of China Fishery Vessel & Machine Field", "Jiangsu Province Key Protective Product" and "Jiangsu Province Credit Product", and also awarded as "Scientific & Technological Progress Prize of State Mechanical Industry".

    The products are wide used as matched power, applicable to oceanic fishing vessel, inner-river transportation vessel, generating set, constructional machinery, agricultural irrigation and air compressor etc. The company has set up the network for sales and services, covered with more than 20 provinces and regions. The products have been exported to Southeast Asia, Mexico, South Africa, Sudan, Indonesia, etc.
    The company has had perfect quality management system and passed ISO9001 quality system authentication approved by Quality Authentication Company of CCS and "Measurement Assurance Confirmation" approved by Jiangsu Province Quality Technology Supervision Bureau. The type approval of the marine diesel engines has been confirmed by CCS and State Fishery Inspection Bureau. The company has been awarded as "Pioneering Enterprise in China Internal Combustion Engine Field", "Jiangsu Province AAA Contract-credited Enterprise", "Jiangsu Province High-New Technological Enterprise", "Jiangsu Province Civilization Unit" and "Jiangsu Province Advanced Unit", etc.